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Biographer Jon Meacham brings lessons from history to Yakima Town Hall - April 27, 2023

It only took a few minutes for award winning author and historian Jon Meacham to get the crowd roaring with laughter during his Yakima Town Hall speech. He started with a handful of jokes about his home in Tennessee, being mistaken for another author, John Grisham, and about his relationship with the former President George H.W. Bush, the subject of his biography "Destiny and Power." Much of his speech at the Capitol Theatre on Wednesday centered on the challenges facing democracy in the U.S., ... Read More »

Attention Media Reporters: Maria Shriver Press Conference - September 19, 2022

Yakima Town Hall will host a press conference with speaker Maria Shriver prior to her presentation. Reporters must register with our press coordinator, Kirsten Fitterer, as the venue will be locked and you will need instructions on how to access the press event. Press credentials will be checked and security protocols will be followed. Please register with Kirsten and plan to arrive at 10:00 am so that you can set up prior to the 10:15 start. The press conference will last 15 minutes and each ... Read More »

Kati Marton on KNDO - March 10, 2011

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Journalist and human rights advocate Kati Marton was the featured speaker at Wednesday's Yakima Town Hall at the Capitol Theatre. Marton spoke about her latest book, "Enemies of the People: My Family's Journey to America," and shared personal accounts of her parents when they were arrested in cold war Budapest. She has contributed to several national news organizations and has been an advocate for children in war zones while working for the United Nations. "I believe that... Read More »

Celebrity Luncheons - February 21, 2011

Extend your Town Hall speaker experience with our candid and intimate Celebrity Luncheons! Immediately following each speaker, these luncheons at the Convention Center are a fantastic QA opportunity, allowing you to offer up your questions directly to the speaker. Great for individuals or groups, these luncheons will provide you with more stories, anecdotes, and wisdom from internationally renowned speakers, all with a delicious lunch. Reservations are $70 and include lunch after all four ... Read More »

Books Available on March 9th - January 31, 2011

Town Hall provides the opportunity to purchase books written by our speakers. The following titles will be available during the Kati Marton speaking event: Enemies of the People: My Families Journey to America, The Great Escape: Nine Jews Who Fled Hitler and Changed the World, and Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages that Shaped Our History. A portion of each sale is returned to Town Hall... Read More »

Where in the World Is Dr. Jane Goodall? Yakima, Washington! - November 09, 2010

News Release! Where in the World Is Dr. Jane Goodall? Yakima, Washington! After months of negotiation, Yakima Town Hall has signed world-renowned primatologist and humanitarian, Dr. Jane Goodall for their 2011-12 season!! Year 2010 marks the 50 th anniversary of Dr. Jane Goodall's ground-breaking research on primates. Not only is Dr. Goodall the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, as founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, she is easily one of the world's most recognized and beloved ... Read More »

Dr. Elliot Engel Talks Charles Dickens for Yakima Town Hall - November 05, 2010

YAKIMA, Wash. - Dr. Elliot Engel tried to bring the stories of Charles Dickens that most people don't know to the stage of the Capitol Theatre on Wednesday as the latest speaker for the Yakima Town Hall series. "What I tell them are things that they would have never guessed about Dickens that made him such a commercial success," he said. Engel says the writer earned the equivalent of $68 million in today's money. He believes Dickens was just as good a businessman as he was a writer. The author ... Read More »

Town Hall Speaker Reveres Life of Dickens - November 03, 2010

YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC YAKIMA, Wash. -- When most people think of Charles Dickens, they remember his novels. But what they don't know about him was the subject of Elliot Engel's talk during Wednesday's Yakima Town Hall Series at the Capitol Theatre. "Charles Dickens' life is far more fascinating than any book he ever wrote," Engel said in front of a nearly full audience. "He earned $68 million as an author (in today's money). Nobody earns $68 million." Engel, a noted writer and university ... Read More »

Books & CDs Available at Dr. Engel's Speaking Event - October 20, 2010

Books and CDs will be available for purchase before and after Dr. Engel's speaking engagement. The profits from the sale go to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London, which Charles Dickens helped found in 1853. Dr. Engel is president of the Dickens Fellowship and thus helps to raise funds for this worthy cause... Read More »

Admired Reporter Captivates Capitol Crowd - September 30, 2010

YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC YAKIMA, Wash. -- Divided we may be, but united we all are. That was one of the messages National Public Radio news analyst and ABC-TV political commentator Cokie Roberts delivered Wednesday during a Yakima Town Hall lecture. These may be acrimonious times in politics, but as Americans we are linked by our underlying values and freedom, symbolized by the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, Roberts maintained. "Those documents bring us together... Read More »

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