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Yakima Town Hall - Dr. Elliot Engel Talks Charles Dickens for Yakima Town Hall

YAKIMA, Wash. – Dr. Elliot Engel tried to bring the stories of Charles Dickens that most people don't know to the stage of the Capitol Theatre on Wednesday as the latest speaker for the Yakima Town Hall series.

"What I tell them are things that they would have never guessed about Dickens that made him such a commercial success," he said.

Engel says the writer earned the equivalent of $68 million in today's money. He believes Dickens was just as good a businessman as he was a writer.

The author of 10 books himself, Engel has taught at multiple universities in North Carolina, where he resides when not on speaking tours. He travels the country talking about Dickens and says his appeal remains high with the public today because people learn about him at such a young age.

"I think people are interested in Dickens simply because they're know him since they were a child," he said."

The Yakima Town Hall series takes a break for the holidays and returns in March with journalist Kati Marton.


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Posted November 05, 2010

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