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Speaker Change for April 14th Town Hall - March 05, 2010

Due to unforeseen circumstances, April 14th speaker Geoffrey Canada will be replaced by master storyteller Luis Alberto Urrea who will present "From Tijuana to Harvard Beyond: One Writer's Journey". We know you will enjoy this wonderful new speaker... Read More »

National Geographic's Dan Buettner talks about living longer - October 21, 2009

YAKIMA, Wash. - National Geographic author Dan Buettner talked about living longer and better as the latest Town Hall speaker Wednesday at the Capitol Theatre. He wrote the best-selling book, "The Blue Zones." It identifies areas around the world where people have lived longer lives. He says most people are close to making major improvements in the way they live but fall short. "The average American should live 10 to 12 years longer and we're missing it because of small, little things that we ... Read More »

Town Hall speaker talks about lifestyle, longevity - October 21, 2009

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The premise is simple: How long humans live is determined 10 percent by genes and 90 percent by lifestyle. It's what you do - how you live - that dictates how long you will live, according to New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner, who has traveled the world studying specific places where high percentages of the population lives well into their 80s and 90s and even past 100. Wednesday morning, Buettner talked about those locations in a lecture titled "Blue Zones: Living... Read More »

Political Analyst David Brooks talks about social issues in Yakima - September 16, 2009

YAKIMA, Wash.- Dozens of families and friends poured into the Capitol Theatre to hear columnist David Brooks talk about prevalent social issues. Brooks is a political analyst and social commentator for NPR radio. He also writes for the New York Times Magazine. Brooks' lecture is a part of the Yakima Town Hall series. The next guest is National Geographic's Dan Buettner who will be speaking on October 21st. http://www.kndu.com/global/story.asp?s=11145390... Read More »

Town Hall series looks forward to next year - April 23, 2009

BY KIM NOWACKI YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Yakima Town Hall Lecture Series closed out its 36th year of "bringing the outside world to Yakima," on Wednesday, but tickets are already on sale for the 2009-10 season. The speakers are: * Sept. 17 -- Well-known political columnist and social commentator David Brooks will present "The Spirit of Our Times." Brooks writes an Op-Ed column in The New York Times and has been a senior editor at The Weekly Standard and a contributing ... Read More »

Town Hall Brings The World To Yakima - April 22, 2009

YAKIMA, Wash. - Oprah show correspondent Lisa Ling took the stage at the Capitol Theatre Wednesday morning as the latest speaker for Yakima Town Hall. Ling believes these series offers a forum you cannot find anywhere else. "You really get a chance to have this sort of unadulterated hour with someone who is recounting incredibly diverse and rich stories," she said. "The fact that this community here is so committed to continuing that is so exciting." In the fall of 1972 a group of women, lead... Read More »

TV journalist shares life experiences

TV journalist shares life experiences - April 22, 2009

Lisa Ling discusses her 20-year career during Town Hall lecture BY ALYSSA PATRICK FOR THE YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC YAKIMA, Wash. -- Back in 1994, most Americans had never heard of Afghanistan. A young Lisa Ling stepped into an Afghani airport, five years after Afghan rebels defeated the Soviet Army, and met a group of young boys armed with assault weapons. It was an experience that changed her entire view of the world. Ling was there as a correspondent for an in-school news network called ... Read More »

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