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Yakima Town Hall - Planned Giving

Considering a Planned Gift to Yakima Town Hall?  A Planned Gift is a wonderful way to provide Yakima Town Hall with an enduring source of funds to protect Yakima Town Hall’s mission to provide entertaining and educational programming for years to come.  Some simple, but meaningful, ways to consider such a planned gift include:

A Bequest In Your Will:  Consider a simple provision in your Will to leave a percentage of your assets or a specific sum of money to Yakima Town Hall. 

Donations to Our Endowment Fund:  Yakima Town Hall has set up an endowment fund with the Yakima Valley Community Foundation to accept contributions to our endowment fund.  You or your attorney may call the Yakima Valley Community Foundation at (509) 457-7616. 

Other Planned Gift Arrangements To Consider:  Planned gifts can be made through beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts or life insurance policies.

Discuss With Your Attorney or Financial Advisor:  If you are interested in making a gift or bequest to Yakima Town Hall in your estate planning directives, we encourage you consult with your estate planning attorney to decide the best mechanism for doing so. 

Yakima Town Hall’s Legal Status:  Yakima Town Hall is a 501c(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization. 

To Contact Yakima Town Hall:  You may email your questions or call us with your questions at (509) 952-0479.


Thank you for considering a Planned Gift to Yakima Town Hall.

"My dear friend Henry Winkler was right....Yakima Town Hall's hospitality knows no bounds. You are warm, generous, yet seriously professional women and I can see why all your speaker guests request return invitations. And who knew they could cook colcannon in this part of the world. That was the most fantastic dinner and lovely reception. I'm heading west next year and will try to make a detour to Yakima. I'm sure you can guarantee me a full house." - Ronan Tynon, Ireland's Inspirational & Gifted Tenor

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