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THANK YOU for supporting Yakima Town Hall!  One hundred percent of your donation goes to the cost of the speaker season, as we are an all-volunteer board.  Since ticket prices only cover part of each season’s expenses, we owe the success of Yakima Town Hall to people like you who make it possible for us to bring outstanding speakers to Yakima.

Any amount is deeply appreciated!

(Those who donate to Yakima Town Hall on or after March 1 will receive the benefits listed below beginning next spring.)


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$500-$1499 (Friend)
$1,500 (Patron)
$3,000 (Partner)
$5,000 (Benefactor)
$10,000 (Premier)
$15,000 (Season Sponsor)

Benefits for Donations of $1,500 and Above

Yakima Town Hall Donor Benefits Season Sponsor $15,000 Premier $10,000 Benefactor $5,000 Partner $3,000 Patron $1,500 Friend
Listing in pre-show slide presentation X X X X
Two tickets to annual Donor Party X X X X X
Two speaker series tickets X X
Two main floor speaker series tickets X
Two front-row speaker series tickets X X
Advertising on social media, print & electronic promotion, slide show, season brochure, programs & website X X X
Prominent position on YakimaTownHall.com X X
Podium mentions for all speakers X X
Individualized slide in pre-show presentation X X
Two tickets to annual Donor Party X X
Giant Banner X
Backstage passes for 2 to Headline Speaker X
Two autographed books, if available X

Yakima Town Hall is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Questions? Call (509) 952-0479 or send us an email

"My dear friend Henry Winkler was right....Yakima Town Hall's hospitality knows no bounds. You are warm, generous, yet seriously professional women and I can see why all your speaker guests request return invitations. And who knew they could cook colcannon in this part of the world. That was the most fantastic dinner and lovely reception. I'm heading west next year and will try to make a detour to Yakima. I'm sure you can guarantee me a full house." - Ronan Tynon, Ireland's Inspirational & Gifted Tenor

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