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A Message From the Board of Yakima Town Hall….

Our sold out 2018-19 season concluded with Mark and Scott Kelly on April 17, 2019.

We anticipate a sold out 2019-20 season.

Current subscribers had until April 12, 2019 to renew.  We are now working through available tickets to offer to members of our waiting list.

Season Tickets

To place your name on the waiting list, please call the Capitol Theatre Box office at 509-853-2787.

We thank you and appreciate your interest in becoming a patron of Yakima Town Hall.

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"This was just a sensational event for me. I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. I look forward to you all joining me soon on SpaceShip Two as we venture to suborbital space... and then beyond." - Burt Rutan, Aviation/Spaceship Innovator/Smithsonian Honoree

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