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The Capitol Theatre will be mailing tickets on August 22nd. If you haven’t received your tickets by September 1, please call 509-853-2787.

A Message From the Board of Yakima Town Hall….

Tickets for the 2018-2019 Yakima Town Hall Season are SOLD OUT.

While we certainly had planned to be able to offer tickets online, to our amazement, every seat in the theatre was spoken for prior to Wednesday, APRIL 25th.

We apologize to those disappointed and have established a waiting list in the event a ticket may become available. To place your name on the waiting list, please call the Capitol Theatre Box office @ 509-853-2787.

We thank you and appreciate your interest in becoming a patron of Yakima Town Hall.

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"This has been an extremely gratifying trip. If you'll have me back again, I'll come back.This is what's really happening in our country, not the gloom and doom coming from our politicians.It's a great relief to be here in Yakima, really to see and be a part of something like this It's refreshing to come to a pace where people still come together for a true town hall. " - Frank McCourt- Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Angela's Ashes

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