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A Message From the Board of Yakima Town Hall….

For current season tickets please call the Capitol Theatre box office at 509-853-2787. Tickets are only available as a season set - even if speaker dates have passed.

Tickets will be offered first to our current ticket holders, then will be available to the public, via the Capitol Theatre Box Office, in the Spring of 2022.

We thank you and appreciate your interest in becoming a patron of Yakima Town Hall.

To contact the Capitol Theatre Box Office for tickets:

Address19 S 3rd St, Yakima, WA 98901

Can we purchase individual tickets to the Town Hall Series?

The Town Hall Speaker Series is sold as a package with one fee that is all-inclusive for the four speakers.  As you can well imagine, if sold individually our tickets would each cost more for the caliber of speakers we offer.  By bundling them, we save printing costs, advertising costs, and ensure that each speaker has a full audience.  Donations from our sponsors cover a large portion of the cost of bringing these very special speakers to Yakima, so we can keep our ticket price below cost.

If I cannot attend a speaker, may I give away my ticket?

Of course! This is a great way to introduce a friend to Yakima Town Hall. If you cannot attend all four speakers, feel free to give some of your tickets away as gifts or employee incentives as well. You can also return your ticket to the Capitol Theatre's box office, so it can be used by a student or another patron. 

Parking is difficult and I cannot walk a long distance. Do you have any suggestions?

We have been granted permission by the City of Yakima to use the parking lot on Third Street across from the Yakima Police Department (Third & Walnut) 1 ½ blocks away.  Regardless of where you park, you should plan to start finding your parking place approximately 45 minutes before the event starts.  Taxi service is available in Yakima and is perfectly suited to deliver you to the front door.  Our speakers end promptly at noon, so you can tell your taxi when to pick you up.  

I ordered my tickets shortly after the last speaker in the spring. When will you send my tickets?

The Capitol Theatre is now managing our tickets. Typically tickets will be sent to you a few weeks prior to the first speaker. If you have any questions about your tickets, please contact the Capitol Theatre box office at (509) 853-2787.

I know my tickets arrived in the mail and now I can’t find them. What should I do?

The Capitol Theatre will have a list of series ticket holders. Please contact them directly for a replacement ticket. (509) 853-2787 or visit them at the box office.

Can Town Hall accommodate my special needs?

We have several sets of listening devices on tables just inside the front doors of the theater lobby.  You may check one out and return it at the end of the presentation.

If you will be arriving in a wheelchair, please contact the Capitol Theatre at least one week prior to the event.  There are a few spots in the theater where we can remove a chair to accommodate a wheelchair and reserve a seat for an attendant or helper next to you.  Both you and your caregiver must be ticketholders.

When will tickets for the next season’s series go on sale?

Current ticket holders will receive a brochure announcing the new season in April.  The brochure will include an order form for both the speaker series tickets and luncheons with the speaker.  Be sure to watch for the brochure and order early because we often sell out.  For those who are not presently ticket holders, Yakima Town Hall advertises the next season series in the Yakima Herald-Republic in April.  Once the season is published, you may order tickets by calling (509) 853-2787 where you can pay for your order by credit card. The tickets page on our website will also be set up the day after this year’s last speaker to allow you to order the next season’s series tickets.

I only want to attend the luncheons. Can I buy luncheon reservations if I don’t buy the speaker series tickets?

Our luncheons are limited to 250 reservations to preserve the intimate feeling of dining with the speaker.  Only those who have ordered season tickets to the speaker series may make luncheon reservations.  A large number of our 1,000 ticket-holders vie for those 250 reservations which are sold on a first come-first served basis, with orders date-stamped as they arrive.  You will be notified by mail during the summer if you have a luncheon reservation.  Table assignments are posted inside the lobby before each speaker presentation.  

"I loved venturing out to the "real Washington". Your Capitol Theatre is stunning. Your Town Hall group is very professional and warm. Your audience top notch. I felt so comfortable in Yakima it was like spending an evening with old friends." - Susan Stamberg, Renowned NPR Broadcaster

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