50th Anniversary of Town Hall

Yakima Town Hall - Speaker Series

Hurry! Now is the time for existing subscribers to renew their tickets for the upcoming 50th season. Renew no later than Friday, May 27, 2022. You should have received your renewel packet in the mail. Questions? Call the Capitol Theatre Box Office (509) 853-2787.


What is Yakima Town Hall?

In 1971, a visionary group of energetic, curious Yakima Valley women embarked on a mission to enrich our community by bringing nationally and internationally recognized speakers from the literary, political, artistic, and business worlds to Yakima's historic "jewel box," the Capitol Theatre. Today, the fourteen-member, all-female board furthers that legacy. Yakima Town Hall board members work throughout the year, volunteering their time and talents to investigate, procure funding for, and contract each season's speakers. In addition, this group works together to master the more technical aspects of event planning: logistics, hospitality, marketing, publishing, accounting, database, development, and community outreach.

Yakima Town Hall is now celebrating its 50th season of "Give us an hour ... we'll bring you the world."


"Tonight I'm thinking with affection of my sojourn to your town. I remember with undiminished appreciation your fine group and the enchanting Capitol Theatre." - Olivia de Havilland, Actress

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