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Yakima Town Hall welcomes Middle School and High School teachers to apply for complimentary tickets for their students to attend one of the four speaker events during the 2018-2019 school year. All events are held at the Capitol Theatre at 11:00 A.M. and last one hour.

Applications from teachers will be accepted beginning August 30, 2018. Please specify your preference of date/speaker using the form below. We’ll do our best to accommodate you, but applying early will increase the odds of getting the speaker of your choice.

Seating is limited.  In order to bring fairness to this procedure, a maximum of approximately 30 students, plus two adults, can be accommodated, per application. Openings will be filled based upon your application date.  A confirmation notice will be sent to you as soon as a determination has been made.

Yakima Town Hall has limited transportation grants to assist with the cost of bus transportation for schools.  Please comment in the message section of the contact form if you wish to apply for this.

Thank you to our student ticket sponsors!

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Applicants will be contacted and kept informed of their status.

"This has been an extremely gratifying trip. If you'll have me back again, I'll come back.This is what's really happening in our country, not the gloom and doom coming from our politicians.It's a great relief to be here in Yakima, really to see and be a part of something like this It's refreshing to come to a pace where people still come together for a true town hall. " - Frank McCourt- Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Angela's Ashes

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