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Yakima Town Hall - Cokie Roberts Talks Politics

Cokie Roberts talks politics, kicks off new Town Hall season

YAKIMA, Wash. – Radio and TV political analyst Cokie Roberts kicked off the new season of the Town Hall lecture series Wednesday at the Capitol Theatre.

Roberts discussed the upcoming midterm elections as well as the recent history of politics that have helped to impact the current climate inside Washington, D.C. She covers the topic regularly for different media outlets and is the author of multiple books on women in American history.

Before her speech to a packed audience inside the theatre, she took questions from reporters about the present state of politics. Roberts says states like Washington, with women in both senate seats and the governor's mansion, represents the forwarding thinking found in this part of the country.

"The fact is the West has always been better on these issues than the East. Part of it is the pioneer spirit," she said.

The current race for U.S. Senate between Patty Murray and Dino Rossi is a good example of why every vote counts in elections, Roberts said.

In her lecture, she talked about how the "other" Washington has changed over the years into a place where people who disagree on the issues during the day, can no longer be friends in the evening. Looking forward to the presidential race in 2012, Roberts believes that election could be the next political realignment of voters that happens once every generation.

The Yakima Town Hall speaker series continues in November with Dr. Elliot Engel on the life of Charles Dickens.


Posted September 29, 2010

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