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Yakima Town Hall - Cokie Roberts to Appear on KYVE

Catch a preview of our new season and our first speaker, Cokie Roberts, on KYVE TV, July 5th at 7PM as she discusses her career and the state of journalism today.”

Posted June 22, 2010

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"My dear friend Henry Winkler was right....Yakima Town Hall's hospitality knows no bounds. You are warm, generous, yet seriously professional women and I can see why all your speaker guests request return invitations. And who knew they could cook colcannon in this part of the world. That was the most fantastic dinner and lovely reception. I'm heading west next year and will try to make a detour to Yakima. I'm sure you can guarantee me a full house." - Ronan Tynon, Ireland's Inspirational & Gifted Tenor

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